Pallaby Dog Food Review

How Pallaby Dog Food Got Started? Brandon Stuart is the co-founder of Pallaby and was inspired to create the brand in order to keep his beloved Golden Retriever healthy. His mission to great customer service and dog food built on trust and love. Today Pallaby offers best-in-class premium kibble, treats, nutritional products, and incredible value-add […]

Just Food For Dogs Review

How Just Food For Dogs Got Started? Just Food For Dogs was founded by Shawn Buckley in 2010 with four core values: truth, honesty, reason and fact. His goal was to offer human-grade, all-natural food for dogs and aim to improve the quality and length of life for as many dogs as possible with healthy […]

BarkBox Subscription Review

How BarkBox Got Started? Bark & Co launched BarkBox in 2012 as a monthly themed subscription of all-natural treats and fun dog toys. The New York-based startup is dedicated to making dogs and their humans happy. BarkBox has fun themed boxes that come in three sizes for small, medium, and large dogs. Each box has […]

EverPup Daily Dog Supplement Review

How EverPup Got Started? In 2012, EverPup Dog Supplement was designed by Dr. Demian Dressler who is co-author of the best-selling animal health book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide. EverPup believes in a less is more, holistic approach to your dogs health and its proprietary blend is based on years of research. It was created […]

A Pup Above Dog Food Review

How A Pup Above Got Started? A Pup Above was once known as Grocery Pup and has only been in existence since 2017. They are a fresh dog food subscription service born and bred in Austin, Texas. They began as an e-commerce business offering a la carte bags and shipping meal subscriptions nationwide. Originally developed […]

Wild Earth Dog Food Review

How Wild Earth Got Started? Ryan Bethencourt is the co-founder of Wild Earth and considers himself a vegan biohacker. His mission in life is to provide cruelty-free solutions to our everyday living. In 2017, he ( and other co-founders) created sustainable pet foods with a low carbon footprint and no animal cruelty. They wanted to […]

Ollie Dog Food Review

How Ollie Dog Food Got Started? Ollie is a New York based pet food company that was founded in 2016 by three dog lovers, Gabby Slome, Alex Douzet, and Randy Jimenez. They were perplexed by the ingredients in the commercial food they were currently feeding their own dogs and what affects they may have on […]

Nom Nom Dog Food Review

How Nom Nom Got Started? Nom Nom, formally known as Nom Nom Now, was thought of in 2014 by a group of animal lovers who began by experimenting with cooking and delivering fresh dog food to friends and family. Cooking fresh food was important because their own dog Harlee developed health issues related to a […]

The Farmer’s Dog Food Review

Pets are Family: How The Farmer’s Dog Became a Well-Known Brand The Farmer’s Dog got its start when a couple of pet parents decided that their dogs deserved something better than kibble. After all, those burnt-looking nuggets contained some unusual ingredients that probably weren’t the healthiest – and that kibble itself really didn’t seem all […]