Ollie Dog Food Review

In this review we purchased and reviewed all four recipes Ollie Dog Food has to offer.

Ollie is a fresh dog food manufacturer that customizes meals using specific information about your dog such as breed, age and activity level through a subscription. In this review we discuss the pros and cons of the food, process and service. Whether you're interested in nutritional value, variety, or price, we have all the details in this guide.
Who Is This dog food Best For?
Food packages are pre-portioned for your dog
Recipes are made with human grade ingredients
Meal plans are customized for your dog
Free shipping in the continental US
Offers four meal choices to choose from
Food is delivered right to your door step
Who Won't Love This dog food?
Food is expensive when compared to competitors
The food arrives frozen solid
This food must be stored in the freezer or refrigerator

How Ollie Dog Food Got Started?

Ollie is a New York based pet food company that was founded in 2016 by three dog lovers, Gabby Slome, Alex Douzet, and Randy Jimenez. They were perplexed by the ingredients in the commercial food they were currently feeding their own dogs and what affects they may have on the health of their pets.

Ollie specifically tailors your dogs meal plan on many factors, including age, weight, breed, and whether your dog is spayed or neutered. These custom dog food plans offer recipes made with chicken, beef, lamb and turkey and they plan to expand their offerings to include cat food products in the future.

The recipes for Ollie were designed with the help of a veterinary nutritionist to ensure that each recipe is complete and balanced in keeping with Association of American Feed Control Officials requirements for dogs. Each recipe is carefully made from sourced U.S based ingredients with the exception of the lamb, which comes from U.S. farms as well as Australian farms.

These meats are also sourced from grain-free farms and their chicken is vegetable-fed and hormone-free, duck is cage free, however the beef is corn-fed but humanely-treated.

How We Tested?

You may have come across several Ollie dog food reviews in your search and unfortunately anyone can gather information from other reviews and turn it into their own. Or perhaps the review is skewed because they received the product for free to influence the outcome.

Just to put your mind at ease, this review isn’t sponsored or supported by Ollie in any way, shape or form.

We went through the ordering process explained in this review and paid for the product with our own money. We also did not inform Ollie that we would be reviewing their food at any point.

Since our review of Ollie is completely independent, we did not feel pressured to please them in any way. Our goal is to provide you with a sense of what the actual consumer experience is like from beginning to end.

We provide real reviews because you deserve real tried and true opinions, along with pros and cons that can help you make a well-informed decision about whether the product in question is something your own dog will enjoy or benefit from, and whether you will benefit in any way.

To get started, we ordered dog food from Ollie, making sure to test all the recipes that they offer to date. A real dog ate the food and provided us with immediate, and trustworthy feedback.

Why You Should Trust Our Review Of Ollie Dog Food?

We “tested” this dog food on one of our own dogs. We did not copy or sum up information from other websites or pet parents’ experiences, and we did not re-post Ollie’s claims. We also wanted to see and smell the food for ourselves, as well as witness how our dog responds to this food compared to what he normally eats.

Because my dog is constantly trying different foods and transitions quickly, without issues, he was the dog we used for this review. His name is Sampson and he is a 6 year old shepherd/pit bull mix who eats anything and everything, but his meals consist of kibble. Sampson does not have any health concerns, conditions, or special needs but could stand to lose 5 to 10 pounds.

After placing an order with Ollie and receiving it, Sampson spent the next 28 days eating only Ollie dog food.

During the trial period, we watched for changes in Sampson’s health and behavior. Since he eats kibble most of the time we monitored his poop schedule, weight and over all excitement for meal time.

Who This Review Is For?

With so many dog food reviews out there for run-of-the-mill pet owners, we decided to take it a step further. Average pet owners just want a little encouragement in order to decide if a pet food is safe, palatable, and nutritious enough for the average dog to eat.

This review is different. We wrote it with above-average pet parents in mind. Those, who like us, only want the very best for their furry family members. People who not only want convenience and quality but are willing to spend a few extra dollars to get it.

Our Experience

We started by going to Ollie’s website to see what they have to offer. According to their website they currently offer four dog food recipes and you can mix and match.

They do not have customer reviews on their website but there is a press section with many reviews from well known media companies. The website is also very simple and easy to use and has a blog page which offers articles about all things dog related.

With a nice website, great marketing and informative articles it’s hard not to be convinced they offer good dog food, but that is not enough for us.

I went ahead and signed Sampson up for an Ollie subscription, and was asked a series of questions about my dog’s age, weight, breed, activity level, and health, including whether he has any allergies. I chose to feed my dog the “Mostly Ollie” plan in all four flavors, every four weeks. This cost about $35 a week or a total of $136.43.

Ollie allows you to choose deliveries every 2 on up to 8 weeks, depending on your preference. You can also skip a delivery and reschedule up to 6 weeks at a time through your account.

After signing up, I received an email confirmation. I was also sent an email notification and estimated delivery date when my Ollie order was about to ship out, as well as notification when it had been delivered.

The unboxing

The Ollie dog food was delivered about five business days after the order was placed. The food was packed in an insulated, recyclable box with a lot of dry ice that kept the food frozen during transport. The box has the Ollie logo on the side in bright orange and white colors.

Ollie Dog Food Review
Unboxing Ollie’s dog food delivery
How Ollie dog food arrives

I purchased the “Mostly Ollie” plan, and chose all four recipes, every 4 weeks and was sent 7 of each. The box also included feeding guidelines for “Sampson” and a list of ingredients for each recipe.

Ollie’s four recipes
Ollie Dog Food Review
Feeding guidelines for Sampson 

The food comes neatly packaged in BPA-free, vacuum sealed packaging and each holds a days worth of meals. Each package is clearly labeled with the recipe name and ingredients as well as being color coded. You can see the ingredients through the packaging of each, as well as information on how to store the food and for how long.

Ollie dog food can be stored in the freezer for up to six months or for five days in the refrigerator if unopened. Once opened, it should be finished within four days.

What Does Sampson Think About Ollie Dog Food?

I started my dog Sampson on Healthy Turkey Feast recipe and rotated in the other flavors for the first four days. He knew right away he was getting something good and was overly excited for mealtime.

Each package was portioned into portions for one day of meals or 1/2 a pack twice a day. According to Ollie’s Feeding Guidelines sheet, Sampson needs 353 calories a day or 154 calories twice a day, which is what each package includes.

When serving the food, the packaging has a nice peel back edge which makes opening easy and clean. Once opened, the food did smell oddly similar to human food and not at all like typical wet dog food you get in a can.

Ollie’s Healthy Turkey Feast recipe
Ollie’s easy peel back packaging

Once the food was in the bowl and mixed with his kibble, Sampson’s anticipation was in high gear. As soon as I put the bowl down he inhaled the food and licked the bowl clean. This continued at every meal time for every recipe flavor.

Ollie Dog Food Review
Sampson trying Ollie dog food

During the twenty eight day trial of Ollie dog food, Sampson’s weight seemed to stay the same. He did not have any adverse reactions to any of the recipes and stayed excited for mealtime.

I did notice a change in Sampson’s poop being that is there was a little less of it around the yard and it was less smelly. He did appear to have more energy and wanted to take walks immediately after mealtime.

What we liked:

  • Packages are pre-portioned for your dog
  • Made with human grade ingredients
  • Meal plans are customized for your dog
  • Free shipping in the Continental US
  • Four meal choices to choose from
  • Delivered right to your door step

What we did not like:

  • Expensive when compared to competitors
  • Food arrives frozen solid
  • Food must be stored in the freezer or refrigerator

How Much Does Ollie Dog Food Cost?

Ollie pricing is based on your dogs weight and needs. For an “All Ollie” plan, that gives you 100% of your dogs meals, you will pay around $53 a week for a 50 pound dog.

The “Mostly Ollie” plan offers your dog some of the benefits of a fresh food diet but is made to mix in with your dog’s current kibble.  This plan costs about $35 a week for a 50-pound dog.

Lastly is the “Some Ollie” plan which is basically a small amount of fresh food to use as a topper with your dog’s regular food. This accounts for about 25% of your dogs meal. For a 50-pound dog, this plan costs about $29 a week.

Ollie’s Returns & Warranty

Ollie offers a money back guarantee and will refund you your money if you or your pup are unhappy with your first purchase. There is not a lot of information on the website about returns but after contacting customer service they did state refunds are processed through customer service directly.

Is Ollie Dog Food A Good Choice?

Most definitely. Their recipes are made with human grade ingredients that meet the nutritional requirements established by the AAFCO. Every recipe is formulated with USDA ingredients and comes from natural sources.

Ollie also allows you to create a profile for your dog, customize a meal plan and choose a delivery schedule that works best for you and your pup.

Ollie is a subscription based service and the food does take up precious real estate in your freezer, but you are able to pause and skip deliveries when needed.

If your dog has tried Ollie dog food, please let us know in the comments!

Do you have a product or food you’d like us to review before you try it yourself? Let us know!

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Amy has volunteered at several pet shelters for over 15 years. She has had pets as far back as she can remember and is currently the owner of two rescue cats and a rescue dog. Amy is currently a freelance writer and contributes to several pet related websites.

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