Noble Hemp CBD Dog Treats Review

For this review we purchased and reviewed a socially responsible health and wellness company called Noble Hemp CBD

Noble Hemp CBD is serious about improving people and pet's health naturally. In this review we discuss the pros and cons of their CBD products and customer service. Whether you're interested in quality, efficacy, or price, we have all the details for you in this guide.
Who Is This cbd Best For?
Products are tested by a 3rd part lab
Complete organic hemp grown in Colorado
The ingredients used are organic, non-GMO and gluten-free
They use Super Critical CO2 Extraction process
Test results available right on product page
30-day 100% money-back guarantee
They offer free shipping in the USA
Who Won't Love This cbd?
They only offer one CBD product for dogs currently
The price is high compared to other CBD dog treats
CBD in general is not FDA approved

How Noble Hemp CBD Got Started?

Noble Hemp began as a socially responsible heath and wellness company striving to help heal lives through the power of it’s Hemp products. They believe it is time to start healing ourselves naturally and improving our own lives through research, education and acceptance.

They implement naturally occurring whole-plant hemp extracts to help replenish our immune system enabling a healthier active lifestyle, in their products. Their ultimate goal is to provide people with the knowledge and the tools to begin a daily journey to mind and body wellness.

Noble Hemp CBD decided to source all its hemp from a locally grown, exclusive, network of licensed green houses and farms located near Denver, Colorado, USA. They  wanted to closely monitor all farms and plants to ensure they meet their strict quality control.

They utilize a state of the art extraction method called Super Critical CO2 Extraction, which allows them to preserve the essential nutrients needed to create pure, clean, quality hemp oil. Once harvested the dry material is taken to our state of the art extraction facility for processing.

Noble Hemp extracts are made in small batches, and they believe the key to long term success is quality and consistency. They send each batch of oils to a lab to be rigorously tested to make sure it is free of pesticides, herbicides, fungi, mold, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. They then mark each batch with its assigned batch number and date of creation which can be found on their website.

How We Tested?

You may have come across many Noble Hemp CBD product reviews in your search and unfortunately anyone can gather information from other reviews and make their own. Or maybe the review is skewed because they received the product for free in exchange for a more influential outcome.

Too put your mind at ease, this review isn’t sponsored or supported by Noble Hemp CBD in any way, shape or form.

We went through the ordering process mentioned in this review and paid with our own money. We also did not contact Noble Hemp CBD to let them know that we would be reviewing their products at any point.

Since our review of Noble Hemp CBD is completely independent, we were not influenced by them in any way. Our goal is to provide you with a sense of what the actual consumer experience is like from beginning to end.

We provide real reviews because you deserve real tried and true opinions, along with pros and cons that can help you make a well-informed decision about whether the product in question is something your own dog will enjoy or benefit from, and whether you will benefit in any way.

In summary, we ordered a CBD product from Noble Hemp CBD, making sure to test items made for dogs. A real dog ingested the CBD products and provided us with quick, trustworthy feedback.

Why You Should Trust Our Review of Noble Hemp CBD Dog Treats?

We actually tried this CBD product on one of our dogs. We did not copy or sum up information from other pet parents’ experiences, and we did not re-post Noble Hemp CBD’s own claims. We also wanted to see the products for ourselves as well as monitor how our dog responds to this CBD vs. what he has tried in the past.

Because my dog takes CBD for joint pain, without issues, he was the dog we used for this review. His name is Sampson and he is a 6 year old shepherd/pit bull mix who eats anything and everything, but can sense strange ingredients in his food. Sampson doesn’t have any health concerns, conditions, or special needs outside of some joint pains on occasion, but could stand to lose 5 to 10 pounds.

After placing an order with Noble Hemp CBD and receiving the products, Sampson spent the next 2 weeks testing the Noble Hemp CBD Dog Treats.

During the trial period, we watched for changes in Sampson’s health and behavior. Since he usually has joint pain when taking long hikes or walks, we made sure to keep him active and monitor his reaction to the CBD during this time.

Who This Review Is For?

With so many CBD pet product reviews out there for average pet owners, we wanted to go further. Average pet owners just want a little push to decide if a CBD product is safe, inexpensive and tasty enough for the average dog to take.

This review is different. We wrote it with extra-engaged pet parents in mind. The people, who like us, only want the very best for their furry family members. People who want lab tested products as well as quality ingredients and do not mind spending a few extra bucks doing so.

Our Experience

We began by going to Noble Hemp CBD’s website to see what products they offer for dogs. Currently they only offer THC-Free Hemp CBD Dog Treats under the pet section of the website.

The reviews on their website are mostly positive and the website is very neat and simple to navigate. The site also offers a blog page that offers articles about all things CBD, from health benefits to how it is used in products.

With a nice, informative website and several good reviews it’s hard not to be convinced that they offer a good product but that is not enough for us.

We went ahead and purchased the CBD dog treats for Sampson, and were not required to create a profile or sign up for a subscription. These dog treats are designed to help with a multitude of ailments in dogs such as anxiety and come in chicken flavor.

Once we placed the order, we were notified via email that they received my order, then again when it shipped and were also provided with a tracking number. Shipping is free and they ship to all 50 US states.

Noble Hemp CBD does offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you or your pet is not completely satisfied you will get your money back with no questions asked.

The Unboxing

My Noble Hemp CBD Dog Treats arrived in my mailbox, a little less than week after I placed the order. It was packed in a small recyclable box with brown paper wrap to keep the treats safe during transport. It also included a print out of my order.

Noble Hemp CBD Dog Treats packaging

The CBD dog treats were intact and not broken for the most part. What I noticed right away is the resealable bag and zip closure at the top which makes for easy storage and keeps the treats fresh.

What Does Sampson Think About Noble Hemp CBD Dog Treats?

I started giving my dog Sampson the Noble Hemp CBD dog treats twice a day. He is not picky about what he eats and will usually inhale any dog treat placed in front of him. He took a sniff of these treats and immediately got excited. He was given two dog treats in the morning and two in the afternoon over the next two weeks.

When giving my dog the treats, he received 05mg for about every 10 pounds of body weight or 4 treats per day for a total of 20 mg because he is over 50 pounds. Noble Hemp CBD does provide a recommended dosage chart right on the back of the bag so there is no confusion on how many treats to give your dog.

Chart for recommended dosage on the back of the bag

Giving Sampson the treats was easy because he clearly loved them. I offered him two in the morning and then two later in the day before going on our walks. When he saw the bag he immediately knew he was getting a treat and seemed sad when I only offered two.

Sampson excitingly trying the dog treats

During the two week  trial of Noble Hemp CBD Dog Treats, Sampson did show improved mobility and had no problems on our daily walks or running along side my bike. He did not have any adverse reactions to the CBD dog treats and seemed to love them and look forward to treat time.

What We Liked:

  • Products are tested by a 3rd part lab
  • Complete organic hemp grown in Colorado
  • Ingredients used are organic, non-GMO and gluten-free
  • They use Super Critical CO2 Extraction
  • Test results available on product page
  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Offer free shipping

What We Did Not Like:

  • Only offer one CBD product for dogs currently
  • Price high compared to other CBD dog treats
  • CBD in general is not FDA approved

How Much Does Noble Hemp Cbd Dog Treats Cost?

Noble Hemp CBD Dog Treats are made specifically for dogs, and how many you administer depends on your dog’s weight. Their CBD dog treats will cost you $29.95 for a package that contains 30 bone-shaped pieces.

They also offer free shipping nationally through USPS and expect to offer international shipping in the future.

Noble Hemp CBD’s Returns & Warranty

Noble Hemp is committed to providing total customer satisfaction and is 100% confident that you will love their products and receive amazing results. But if you’re not completely satisfied within 30 days of purchase, they will cheerfully refund your full purchase price, with no questions asked!

If you purchased a product through a Noble Web distributor or retailer, you would need to go back through your original purchase location for any return or exchange.

The 30-day money-back guarantee begins on the day you receive your package in the mail. They do encourage you to try your Noble products for the full 30 days to allow for your body to adapt, but they will accept the return at any time.

Is Noble Hemp CBD A Good Choice?

Yes! My dog did very well with the Noble Hemp CBD Dog Treats and showed improvements. Sampson also loved the treats and wanted more than the four he received daily.

While their dog treats may not be the cheapest, you are paying for the quality of the product. The dog treats are organic, non-GMO and gluten-free as well as being THC free.

They do provide lab test results on the product page of their website for all of their products and you can check those results here.

Noble Hemp CBD offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their product, meaning there is no reason to not give them a try.

If your dog has tried Noble Hemp CBD products, please let us know in the comments!

Do you have a product or food you’d like us to review before you commit to it yourself? Let us know!

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Amy has volunteered at several pet shelters for over 15 years. She has had pets as far back as she can remember and is currently the owner of two rescue cats and a rescue dog. Amy is currently a freelance writer and contributes to several pet related websites.

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