Hungry Bark Dog Food & Supplements Review

For this review, we ordered and tested Hungry Bark's Superfoods and supplements via a customized nutrition plan made specifically for our dog.

Hungry Bark is a premium subscription brand of dog foods, toppers and supplements and provide custom nutrition plans for your dog, in any life stage. In this review we discuss the pros and cons of Hungry Bark's products as well as the order process and customer service. If you are interested in the benefits, ingredients, and value of this product, we have all the details for you in this guide.
Who Is This dog supplements Best For?
Hungry Bark is committed to premium ingredients that are sustainably sourced
They offer subscription and one-time purchase options
Options for custom meal plans including superfood kibble, vitamins, and protein toppers
The Ever-Fresh Re-Seal packaging keeps food and supplements fresh
They give a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee
Their chewable supplements target anxiety, digestion, heart, coat, & joints
Who Won't Love This dog supplements?
Shipping is free after your spend $50
Some dog food recipes have a high amount of carbohydrates
Price depends on the size of your dog

How Hungry Bark Got Started?

Hungry Bark was founded by Nick Molina who was frustrated with shopping for dog food, for his two rescue dogs different needs. Nick turned his own life around by working with a certified nutritionist, developing a customized diet, and he realized he could do the same for his two rescue dogs, Shorty and Barkley.

Molina set out to create a dog food that did not contain crude protein or unhealthy fillers and began researching and consulting with experts. Hungry Bark super premium kibble for dogs was then created which offered custom nutrition plans made specifically for dogs. Eventually he added toppers and supplements.

Each kibble recipe was created with natural super-food ingredients from responsible sources. They only use cage-free poultry products, farm-raised animal products, and non-GMO vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Hungry Bark’s products are manufactured in the United States. Hungry Bark cooks its kibble with a slow cook process to retain more nutrients and flavors. They are compliant with the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) and their kibble meets all standards and regulations.

How We Tested?

You may have read other Hungry Bark product reviews in your search and sadly anyone can gather information from other reviews and turn it into their own. Some reviews may even be skewed because they received the product for free in exchange for a more favorable outcome.

Too put your mind at ease, this review isn’t sponsored or supported by Hungry Bark in any way, shape or form.

We went through the ordering process mentioned in this review and paid with our own money. Also, we did not contact Hungry Bark to let them know that we would be reviewing their products at any point.

Since our review of Hungry Bark is completely independent, we were not influenced by them in any way. Our goal is to provide you with a sense of what the actual consumer experience is like from start to finish.

We provide real reviews because you deserve real tried and true opinions, along with pros and cons that can help you make a well-informed decision about whether the product in question is something your own dog will enjoy or benefit from, and whether you will benefit in any way.

In summary, we ordered Hungry Bark products, making sure to test it on our dogs. A real dog ate the Hungry Bark food and supplements and provided us with quick, trustworthy feedback.

Why You Should Trust Our Review of Hungry Bark?

We actually tried Hungry Bark’s products on one of our dogs. We did not copy or sum up information from other pet parents’ experiences, and we did not re-post Hungry Bark’s own claims. We also wanted to see the product for ourselves as well as monitor how our dog responds to this supplement vs. what he has tried in the past.

Because my dog has tried supplements in the past, without issues, he was the dog we used for this review. His name is Sampson and he is a 6 year old shepherd/pit bull mix who eats anything and everything, but has a preference to high quality food. Sampson doesn’t have any health concerns, conditions, or special needs outside of some joint pains on occasion, but he could stand to lose 5 to 10 pounds.

After placing an order with Hungry Bark and receiving the products, Sampson spent the next 30 days testing the supplement for dogs.

During the trial period, we watched for changes in Sampson’s health, skin, coat and behavior. Because he gets the supplement along with his kibble, we monitored his poop schedule, weight and over all excitement for meal time.

Who This Review Is For?

With dozens of dog foods and supplement reviews out there for average pet owners, we wanted to take it a step further. Every-day pet owners just need a little nudge to choose a product that is safe, inexpensive and tasty enough for the average dog.

This review is different. We wrote it with extra-committed pet parents in mind. The pet owners, who like us, only want the very best for their furry family members. People who want tried-and -tested products as well as quality ingredients and may not mind spending a few extra bucks doing so.

Our Experience

We headed over to the Hungry Bark website and scrolled down the page to check out the supplements. They offer five types of supplement chews for dogs; Happy Heart, Move & Groove, Balanced Belly, Whole Health and Chill Chew. Each supplement is made to help your pup with a different issue.

There are a lot of positive reviews for each supplement type on their website. There are also pages for ingredient descriptions, under “learn as well as a “perks” page which is designed for those who choose to subscribe. There is also a button at the top of the website that offers your dog a customized nutrition plan which recommends kibble, supplements and mix-ins.

With many great reviews and subscription perks it’s hard not to be reassured that Hungry Bark offers great products, but that is not enough for us.

We decided to go through the steps of creating a customized plan for our dog which is based on his breed, birthday, and activity. Hungry Bark recommended a 12 pound bag of Salmon dry food and the Happy Heart supplement, on a two week trial subscription which includes a 20% discount. They do not offer free shipping until you hit the $50 mark but did offer an additional 4 pound bag of kibble at a 20% discount which brought the order to free shipping status.

Once we placed the order, we were notified via email when the order is processed, then again when it shipped and were also provided with a tracking number.

You will receive your next order in 4 weeks after the trial and if you do not cancel your subscription. You are also able to make changes to your supplement and kibble selections anytime by going to your account page.

Hungry Bark does offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you or your pet is not completely satisfied with their products.

The Unboxing

The Hungry Bark box arrived on my porch about 5 days after I placed the order. It was packed in a recyclable box with the Hungry Bark logo on the sides. All items were neatly packaged with packing paper and a personalized meal card for my dog.

Hungry Bark Unboxing
What comes in the Hungry Bark Box?

The Hungry Bark bags are made from recycled materials and come with an Ever-Fresh Re-Seal lock to keep items fresh. They also have an ultra-thick lining to prevent tears, chews, and pests.

What Does Sampson Think About Hungry Bark?

I started my dog Sampson on the custom plan salmon kibble mixed with his current kibble. He could smell it right away and seemed very excited to try something new. His attitude towards Hungry bark did not change during the trial period.

The Ever-Fresh Re-Seal lock on the kibble bag
Hungry Bark Superfoods with Salmon

My meal plan card suggested giving my dog 2.1 cups of kibble per day. Hungry Bark recommends adding about 1/4 to 1/2 of your dog’s recommended portion size of their current food at mealtime while gradually reducing the amount over time. I gradually increased the amount of Hungry Bark kibble over 7-10 days until Sampson’s bowl was completely full of the Hungry Bark food.

Recommended feeding personalized for Sampson right on the bag
Sampson eating Hungry Bark Superfoods with Salmon

I also gave Sampson a supplement in the morning and at mealtime. For his size he can have 2 to 3 per day according to the label. He really liked the chews and besides being healthy for him he was getting a tasty treat.

Hungry Bark Happy Heart Skin and Coat Supplement instructions

Both the kibble bags and supplement bag are easy to open and close, which is great for storage and freshness.

Hungry Bark Happy Heart Skin and Coat Supplement Also comes with The Ever fresh resealable closure
Sampson trying out the Hungry Bark supplements

During the 30 day trial Hungry Bark, Sampson did show some improvement skin and coat. He definitely had less dry skin and his hair appeared shiny and smooth. He also seems to have less poop after only a day or two on the kibble. He did not have any adverse reactions to the food or supplement and seemed to enjoy the taste.

What We Liked:

  • Committed to premium ingredients that are sustainably sourced
  • Subscription and one-time purchase options available
  • Custom meal plans including superfood kibble, vitamins, and protein topper choices
  • The Ever-Fresh Re-Seal packaging keeps food and supplements fresh
  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Chewable supplements target anxiety, digestion, heart, coat, & joints

What We Did Not Like:

  • Shipping is free after your spend $50
  • Some dog food recipes have a high amount of carbohydrates
  • Price depends on the size of your dog

How Much Does Hungry Bark Cost?

A Hungry Bark kibble subscription starts $19.99 per month.  A subscription of protein mix-ins starts $13.59, while the supplemental chew subscription starts $23.99 per month. The best deal is the custom plan because you will receive a 20% discount on your total order and can make changes or  cancel at anytime.

Hungry Bark’s Returns & Warranty

If your pup doesn’t love the fresh taste of Hungry Bark on their first try, they will refund 100% of your purchase. If you changed your mind within 30 days of purchase, you can send back the product and they’ll refund you your purchase price (excluding shipping).

Is Hungry Bark A Good Choice?

Yes! Not only do they offer a high quality protein kibble but their supplements 100% Non-GMO with no artificial preservatives, flavors, colors or fillers. My dog did show improvement to his coat and skin after the 30 day custom trial of Hungry Bark products.

While Hungry Bark dog food may cost a bit more than other kibble, they use premium, non-GMO, cage-free, farm-raised ingredients as well as no fillers or artificial flavors or preservatives. They also offer many types of supplements which can help your dog live a happy and healthy life.

With subscription and non subscription options, as well as custom plans, Hungry Bark has options for everyone. They do offer free shipping on orders over $50 and a money back guarantee for any reason at all, so there is really no risk in trying.

If your dog has tried any of the Hungry Bark products, please let us know in the comments!

Do you have a product or food you’d like us to review before you commit to it yourself? Let us know!

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Amy has volunteered at several pet shelters for over 15 years. She has had pets as far back as she can remember and is currently the owner of two rescue cats and a rescue dog. Amy is currently a freelance writer and contributes to several pet related websites.

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