Holistapet CBD For Pets Review

For this review we ordered and reviewed products from a popular pet CBD company called Holistapet.

Holistapet provides a line-up of holistic products for your pets using natural CBD oil, extracted from GMO-free hemp, organic plants and herbal extracts. In this review we discuss the pros and cons of their CBD products and customer service. Whether you're interested in quality, efficacy, or price, we have all the details for you in this guide.
Who Is This cbd Best For?
Products are all tested by a 3rd part lab
Made with complete organic hemp grown in Colorado
Free shipping in the Continental US
All test results are available on website
They offer product bundles at discount prices
30-day 100% money-back guarantee
Who Won't Love This cbd?
Product offerings are limited to certain animals
CBD in general is not FDA approved

How Holistapet Got Started?

Holistapet is a US company based in Commerce, California. They began with the desire to help pets find relief from anxiety, arthritis, seizures, cancer and more, using natural remedies rather than pharmaceuticals. Their products are sourced from hemp that is organically grown on local Colorado farms.

Holistapet’s products are the result of over 12 years of research and experimentation with CBD, finding the safest, most effective way for pets to harness the power of this incredible compound. Their products combine full-spectrum CBD extract with organic superfoods such as hemp seed, L-Theanine, chamomile, turmeric root, Boswellia, flaxseed, and much more.

HolistaPet works with a Veterinary Advisory Board to incorporate the highest quality information on animal health and CBD. Much of the board’s staff have immense experience in alternative, plant-based care of pets and livestock.

They chose to utilize “green” extraction methods (CO2 method) to produce CBD oil and displays a third-party laboratory test results on their website. Holistapet’s lab tests are currently carried out by pHSolutions. Their products do not contain any solvents, harsh chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals or any other type of toxins.

How We Tested?

You may have come across many Holistapet CBD product reviews in your search and unfortunately anyone can gather information from other reviews and make their own. Or maybe the review is skewed because they received the product for free in exchange for a more influential outcome.

Too put your mind at ease, this review isn’t sponsored or supported by Holistapet in any way, shape or form.

We went through the ordering process mentioned in this review and paid with our own money. We also did not contact Holistapet to let them know that we would be reviewing their products at any point.

Since our review of Holistapet is completely independent, we were not influenced by them in any way. Our goal is to provide you with a sense of what the actual consumer experience is like from beginning to end.

We provide real reviews because you deserve real tried and true opinions, along with pros and cons that can help you make a well-informed decision about whether the product in question is something your own dog will enjoy or benefit from, and whether you will benefit in any way.

In summary, we ordered CBD products from Holistapet, making sure to test all those made for dogs. A real dog ingested the CBD products and provided us with quick, trustworthy feedback.

Why You Should Trust Our Review Of Holistapet?

We actually tried these CBD products on one of our dogs. We did not copy or sum up information from other pet parents’ experiences, and we did not re-post Holistapet’s own claims. We also wanted to see the products for ourselves as well as monitor how our dog responds to this CBD vs. what he has tried in the past.

Because my dog takes CBD for joint pain, without issues, he was the dog we used for this review. His name is Sampson and he is a 6 year old shepherd/pit bull mix who eats anything and everything, but can sense strange ingredients in his food. Sampson doesn’t have any health concerns, conditions, or special needs outside of some joint pains on occasion, but could stand to lose 5 to 10 pounds.

After placing an order with Holistapet and receiving the products, Sampson spent the next 2 weeks testing the Holistapet CBD products for dogs.

During the trial period, we watched for changes in Sampson’s health and behavior. Since he usually has joint pain when taking long hikes or walks, we made sure to keep him active and monitor his reaction to the CBD during this time.

Who This Review Is For?

With so many CBD pet product reviews out there for average pet owners, we wanted to go further. Average pet owners just want a little push to decide if a CBD product is safe, inexpensive and tasty enough for the average dog to take.

This review is different. We wrote it with extra-engaged pet parents in mind. The people, who like us, only want the very best for their furry family members. People who want lab tested products as well as quality ingredients and do not mind spending a few extra bucks doing so.

Our Experience

We began by going to Holistapet’s website and seeing what they have to offer dogs. Not only do they have CBD treats, capsules and tinctures but they also have products for cats and horses.

The reviews on their website are all positive and the pictures of the products are very well marketed. The site also offers a blog page that offers articles about pet issues and concerns and how CBD can help.

With great marketing and so many great reviews it’s hard not to be convinced it’s a good product but that is not enough for us.

We went on to purchase CBD products for Sampson, and were not required to create a profile or sign up for a subscription. They offer treats that are targeted to help with anxiety and stress, joint and mobility care, and heart and immune care. We selected the CBD dog treats for heart and immune care as well as a bottle of CBD oil for cats and dogs.

Holistapet does offer bundles where you can buy dog treats in 3’s or choose CBD oil and treats as a discounted price.

Once we placed the order, we were notified via email when the order is processed, then again when it shipped and were also provided with a tracking number.

You can also chose to sign up for a subscription and receive your product every 30 days and save 15% with free shipping. You can cancel at anytime.

Holistapet does offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you or your pet is not completely satisfied with their products.

The Unboxing

My Holistapet package arrived less than week after I placed the order in my mailbox. It was packed in a small recyclable box with bubble wrap to keep items safe during transport. It also included instructions with ingredients and dosing.

Holistapet products in the box

The CBD dog treats were all intact and not broken and the bottle of CBD was safely protected in it’s box.

What Does Sampson Think About Holistapet?

I started my dog Sampson out with the CBD dog treats for heart and immune care. He is not picky about food and will usually inhale any treat placed in front of him. However, he sniffed this treat and let it sit for a while. He did eventually eat it but was not over excited about it. I rotated between treats and CBD oil over the next two weeks and he did eat the treats when given to him but was not overly excited.

When giving my dog the treats, he received .25mg to .05mg for every pound of body weight or one 5mg treat for every 20 pounds of body-weight once or twice per day. This is basically 3 treats because he is around 60 pounds.

Sampson trying on of Holistapet’s dog treats

When I dosed Sampson with the CBD oil tincture, I added it directly to his food. You have the option of holding your dog down and forcing the mouth open to squeeze the drops into, but that all depends on your dog. I choose to make both of our lives easier and forego the wrestling, hiding it in his dinner.

My dog weighs around 60 pounds and I added 15mg of the CBD oil to his food at dinner. HolistaPet recommends between 0.25 mg (Regular Dose) to 0.5 mg (Strong Dose) of CBD per every 1 lb of body weight and it can be given every 8 hours or as needed. To control anxiety, you will want to give your dog a dose 30 minutes before the event, weather that be thunder, fireworks or travel. For all other uses give once to twice a day.

Sampson did not notice the CBD oil mixed into his food and ate it with no problem. Because I add the CBD oil to his food and not his mouth directly, it did take about an hour to take affect completely but was clearly working.

Adding Holistapet CBD oil to Sampson’s food

During the two week  trial of Holistapet products, Sampson did show improved mobility and had no problems on long walks or hikes. He did not have any adverse reactions to the CBD oil or treats and seemed to grow to like the treats as time went on.

What We Liked:

  • Products are tested by a 3rd part lab
  • Complete organic hemp grown in Colorado
  • Competitive pricing for CBD
  • The products are made with organic, natural, and vegan ingredients
  • Free shipping in the Continental US
  • Many flavors and varieties of products
  • Treats are infused with superfoods
  • Test results available on website
  • Offers bundles at discount prices
  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee

What We Did Not Like:

  • Products are limited to certain animals
  • CBD in general is not FDA approved

How Much Does Holistapet Cost?

The bottles of CBD tinctures range from 150mg to 3000mg and cost from $25.95 to $144.95. The dog treats are 150mg to 600mg and a bag of 30 will cost anywhere from $26.95 to $64.95. CBD capsules are available in 150mg to 3000mg and will cost you $25.95 to $144.95. They do have bundle packs which not only save you money but will give you an opportunity to try different CBD items.

Holistapet’s Returns & Warranty

HolistaPet offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with their products. they even give an additional 15 day grace period on top of the 30 day return policy.

So basically all requests for refunds and returns must be made after 30 days from your purchase date but no later than 45 days of your purchase date.  All customers requesting a refund must first fill out their “Refund Request Form” before any refunds will be issued.

If you have an unopened product, you can also send it back and they will pay for the return shipping.

Once they receive your completed “Refund Request Form”, they will process your refund and credit the original credit card which you first used to make your purchase. They ask you allow up to 2-3 business days to see the refund reflected on your statement.

Is Holistapet A Good Choice?

Yes! My dog did very well on their products and I also use some of their other products for my cats. Sampson did not notice the CBD in his food and while hesitant at first, grew to like the treats.

HolistaPet’s full-spectrum CBD oil products are great products at good prices, when compared to the competition. The offer a solid range of potencies across many product lines for several types of animals. Even better they are fairly priced and offer free shipping.

They do provide all certificates of analysis (COA) directly on their website for all of their products and you can check that out here.

HolistaPet offers a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their product, meaning there is no reason to not give them a try.

If your dog has tried Holistpet’s CBD products, please let us know in the comments!

Do you have a product or food you’d like us to review before you commit to it yourself? Let us know!

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Amy has volunteered at several pet shelters for over 15 years. She has had pets as far back as she can remember and is currently the owner of two rescue cats and a rescue dog. Amy is currently a freelance writer and contributes to several pet related websites.

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