EverPup Daily Dog Supplement Review

In this review we ordered and tested EverPup Daily Dog Supplement, which is made from natural botanical extracts for ultimate daily health support.

EverPup daily dog supplement is more than a multivitamin, and claims to provide broad based support for all organs, cells and body processes. In this review we discuss the pros and cons of Everpup's product as well as the order process and customer service. If you are interested in the benefits, ingredients, and value of this product, we have all the details for you in this guide.
Who Is This dog food Best For?
Made with 100 % human-grade ingredients
Certificate of Analysis is available for every batch of raw ingredients
Supplement contains no fillers or contaminants
It eliminates the need to buy multiple pet supplements
They offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee
It's manufactured to human nutraceutical standards
They offer free shipping
Who Won't Love This dog food?
More expensive when compared to other supplements
Not a lot of information about ingredients on their website
No other varieties or flavors offered

How EverPup Got Started?

In 2012, EverPup Dog Supplement was designed by Dr. Demian Dressler who is co-author of the best-selling animal health book The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.

EverPup believes in a less is more, holistic approach to your dogs health and its proprietary blend is based on years of research. It was created to eliminate the need of buying multiple pet supplements, and make dosages easier to determine, as well as help with pet owners concerns about over-supplementation.

The ingredients developed includes apoptogens, beta glucans, probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals, meaning there is no need to purchase multiple dog supplements or multi-vitamins.

How We Tested?

You may have come across other EverPup product reviews in your search and unfortunately anyone can gather information from other reviews and make their own. Some reviews may even be skewed because they received the product for free in exchange for a more influential outcome.

Too put your mind at ease, this review isn’t sponsored or supported by EverPup in any way, shape or form.

We went through the ordering process mentioned in this review and paid with our own money. Also, we did not contact EverPup to let them know that we would be reviewing their products at any point.

Since our review of EverPup is completely independent, we were not influenced by them in any way. Our goal is to provide you with a sense of what the actual consumer experience is like from beginning to end.

We provide real reviews because you deserve real tried and true opinions, along with pros and cons that can help you make a well-informed decision about whether the product in question is something your own dog will enjoy or benefit from, and whether you will benefit in any way.

In summary, we ordered Everpup daily supplement, making sure to test it on our dogs. A real dog ate the EverPup supplement mixed with his food and provided us with quick, trustworthy feedback.

Why You Should Trust Our Review of EverPup?

We actually tried EverPup Daily Dog Supplements on one of our dogs. We did not copy or sum up information from other pet parents’ experiences, and we did not re-post EverPup’s own claims. We also wanted to see the product for ourselves as well as monitor how our dog responds to this supplement vs. what he has tried in the past.

Because my dog has tried supplements in the past, without issues, he was the dog we used for this review. His name is Sampson and he is a 6 year old shepherd/pit bull mix who eats anything and everything, but can sense strange ingredients in his food. Sampson doesn’t have any health concerns, conditions, or special needs outside of some joint pains on occasion, but he could stand to lose 5 to 10 pounds.

After placing an order with EverPup and receiving the product, Sampson spent the next 30 days testing the supplement for dogs.

During the trial period, we watched for changes in Sampson’s health, skin, coat and behavior. Because he eats this supplement with his meals daily, we monitored his poop schedule, weight and over all excitement for meal time.

Who This Review Is For?

With dozens of dog supplement product reviews out there for average pet owners, we wanted to take it a step further. Average pet owners just want a little push to decide if a product is safe, inexpensive and tasty enough for the average dog.

This review is different. We wrote it with extra-committed pet parents in mind. The pet owners, like us, who only want the very best for their furry family members. People who want tried and tested products as well as quality ingredients and do not mind spending a few extra bucks doing so.

Our Experience

We went to the EverPup website and scrolled down the page and clicked on the “Sign Up” button. This took us to an order page where we filled in billing and mailing information to get started with a monthly subscription. The first order was offered at $10, and billed at $27.85 per month after that.

There are a handful of positive reviews as well as a diagram that describes what every ingredient does for the parts of your dog’s body. There are a few clever videos about dogs and supplements you can watch if you aren’t sold by the description.

With fun marketing and a few good reviews it’s hard not to be reassured it’s a good product, but that is not enough for us.

We went on to purchase a container of EverPup daily dog supplement for Sampson, and were not required to create a profile or sign up for a subscription. They do offer the option to subscribe to receive a jar every 30 days.

Once we placed the order, we were notified via email when the order is processed, then again when it shipped and were also provided with a tracking number.

EverPup does offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you or your pet is not completely satisfied with their products.

The Unboxing

The EverPup package arrived in my mailbox less than week after I placed the order. It was packed in a small recyclable box with bubble wrap to keep items safe during transport. It was basically the jar with a small scoop inside. The instructions are right on the side of the jar but if you’d like to see them you can check them out here. Not much else to add to this simple packaging and everything appeared to be safe and in tact.

EverPup packaging

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The jar is more of a 6.35 ounce container with a screw-off lid, which keeps it sealed well. The smell of this powdery supplement is not bad and has a sweet earthy smell to it.

What Does Sampson Think About Everpup?

EverPup Daily Dog Supplement comes in a powder form that I scooped right into Sampson’s current food with the provided scoop. According to the directions dogs under 15 pounds should receive 1/2 a scoop and over 15 pounds get a full scoop a day. My dog is over 15 pounds and I gave him a full scoop daily. I chose to mix it with water to make a gravy to pour over the dog food after the first week.

EverPup mixed with water to add to food

I did start out putting it on top of Sampson’s kibble as a powder but noticed he snorted a lot while eating, meaning it was probably going up his nose. After mixing it with water he seemed to find much easier and enjoyable to eat. Also the gravy gets licked up, where as the powder tends to stick to the bottom of the bowl.

Sampson ate the EverPup Supplement gravy mix with his food, and even licked it off the top at times. He didn’t seem to mind it being there with his food and even appeared to like it. In fact when I added to kibble he wasn’t thrilled about he seemed much more interested in eating it.

Sampson eating EverPup with his kibble

During the 30 day trial of EverPup, Sampson did show some improvement to his coat and skin. He had less dry skin flakes and his hair appeared shiny and smooth. He did not have any adverse reactions to the Everpup supplement and seemed to enjoy the taste.

What We Liked:

  • Made with 100 % human-grade ingredients
  • Certificate of Analysis for every batch of raw ingredients
  • Contains no fillers or contaminants
  • eliminate the need to buy multiple pet supplements
  •  manufactured to human nutraceutical standards
  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping

What We Did Not Like:

  • More expensive when compared to other supplements
  • Not a lot of information about ingredients
  • No other varieties offered

How Much Does EverPup Cost?

EverPup Daily Dog Supplement costs around $30 if you order from the EverPup website or Amazon. If you sign up for the EverPup club through the EverPup website, you will pay just $10 for your first order and then pay $27.85 per month after. This is a subscription service that will ship to you every 30 days.

EverPup’s Returns & Warranty

If your dog doesn’t love the taste of EverPup, they offer a 100%, moneyback guarantee. If you or your dog give EverPup a chance, but don’t love it for any reason, you can send them your jar, empty or not, and a copy of your receipt, and they will refund you the purchase price.

Is EverPup A Good Choice?

Yes it can be a good option for dogs who may need more than a vitamin supplement in their diet. My dog did show improvement to his coat and skin after 30 days of EverPup and did appear to have more energy.

While EverPup may cost a little more than other supplements, remember they do use %100 human ingredients and provide a Certificate of Analysis for every batch. They do offer free shipping and a money back guarantee for any reason at all so there is really no risk in trying.

If your dog has tried EverPup Daily Dog Supplement, please let us know in the comments!

Do you have a product or food you’d like us to review before you commit to it yourself? Let us know!

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Amy has volunteered at several pet shelters for over 15 years. She has had pets as far back as she can remember and is currently the owner of two rescue cats and a rescue dog. Amy is currently a freelance writer and contributes to several pet related websites.

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