Top 15 Dog Training Websites

As everyone knows, dogs have historically been known as “man’s best friend,” and it’s no wonder why. Besides companionship, dogs have provided a multitude of services to humanity since their domestication.

Whether it’s hunting, sheep herding, pulling sleds, guarding, providing guidance as service dogs to those with disabilities, or working with law enforcement and military, dogs have been such an integral part of human civilization that it’s hard to imagine life without them.

Whether a dog’s role in life is that of the beloved family pet, or playing a more utilitarian role, all dogs need a bit guidance and training to hone their natural capacity to learn and be the best doggies they can be.

That’s why we have compiled a list of the top 15 dog training websites that we have been able to find, so you can make sure that you and your pup are both getting the most out of your relationship!

Rank Site Instructor Type Rating
1. Doggy Dan Doggy Dan Multiple Courses, Subscription 10
2. Spirit Dog Training Steffi Trott Multiple Courses 9.8
3. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution Zak George Instructional Videos 9.5
4. The Dog Training Secret Multiple Trainers Multiple Courses 8
5. The Inquisitive Canine Joan Hunter Mayer Multiple Courses 8.7
6. Wag! Dog Walking Blog Multiple Trainers Multiple Courses, Subscription 8.5
7. Dog Training Nation Fanna Easter, Others Multiple Courses 8.3
8. The Modern Dog Trainer Ines McNeil Multiple Courses 8
9. Noble Beast Dog Training Multiple Trainers Multiple Courses 7.8
10. Denise Fenzi Dog Training Blog Denise Fenzi Multiple Courses, Subscripition 7.5

1. Doggy Dan

Doggy Dan has worked with literally tens of thousands of dog lovers looking to train their dogs successfully. While his training program is simple, it has a reputation for working when other techniques don’t seem to do the trick.

On his site, you can gain access to free obedience training videos, free potty training videos, a blog, a podcast, and other offerings that can all be catered to you and your pup specifically. It’s definitely a must when it comes to looking into dog training resources.

2. Spirit Dog Training

Spirit Dog offers a large number of great resources for those looking for direction in their dog training endeavors. Along with a free 14-day email course, a variety of courses all offered online from the comfort of your own home are also available here, in addition to a free training library containing resources on ethical dog breeders, obedience and trick training, understanding dog behavior, and a very well-organized blog.

The site’s trainer, Steffi Trot, has quite a reputation and has been featured in a number of high profile media sources, giving her technique and passion the praise that it deserves.

3. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak George boasts being the #1 Most Subscribed Dog Trainer on YouTube (with over 2.7 million subscribers, and counting), and it’s no wonder that he and his dog training technique is so popular. Zak seems to really understand dogs and has a genuine connection with them that make his dog training videos both informative and very entertaining.

If the hundreds of videos from his YouTube channel are overwhelming to sift through, Zak’s website also offers a book for dog trainers to reference all that information at their leisure.

4. The Dog Training Secret

The Dog Training Secret is all about making dog training fun, while re-wiring your dog’s brain to make better behavior decisions and to “unspoil” him or her. Even if you have a pup that struggles with impulse control and focus, The Dog Training Secret offers a simple and fun solution to all your canine problems.

Additionally, a blog with useful resources, information on health, safety, and breed compatibility round out the website’s array of offerings.

5. The Inquisitive Canine

This well-designed dog training site offers up loads of helpful links and services to cater to every dog training need imaginable. Whether it’s leash walking, house training, behavior with other animals or people, or coping with a pup that needs help overcoming separation anxiety, The Inquisitive Canine has a thing or two to teach us about it.

The site offers a variety of different types of classes, all of which are currently online and available to you, no matter where you and your pup reside in the world. Their “Doggie Blog” features dozens of posts with helpful dog training tips and advice, making it easily one of our favorites to add to this list.

6. Wag! Dog Walking Blog

This cute blog not only boasts tips and advice on dog training, but has other fun and useful resources and information that you as a dog owner should appreciate. This includes categories of different dog names, (such as “cartoon dog names” and “fairytale inspired dog names,” to name a few), and fun activities for every occasion that you and your dog will both enjoy.

This is in addition to different training services, including their specialty, which is walk and leash training. If you find you and your pup really have a knack for the training process, you can even become a paid Wag! Dog Walker yourself and join their friendly community.

7. Dog Training Nation

Dog Training Nation’s motto is “In Dogs We Trust” and it’s rather fitting. Offering training to dogs at every stage of their lives, along with breed specific information on behavior and temperament, doggie health and safety, dog training videos, and other helpful resources, Dog Training Nation has something for every dog and and their owner.

More than a website for training information, Dog Training Nation is also a community of dog trainers, dog owners and dog lovers, so you and your pup are in great company.

8. The Modern Dog Trainer

The Modern Dog Trainer not only provides helpful dog training tips, classes and information, but also information for dog lovers looking to start their own dog training business. The site has a helpful blog, a fun podcast, and boasts a strong presence on social media across various different platforms.

There are also generous “freebies” offered on the site, such as an e-book offered to dog lovers looking to start their own dog training business, a helpful goal worksheet, and more.

9. Noble Beast Dog Training

Noble Beast Dog Training has taken its expertise online during the COVID19 pandemic, and thankfully offers much in the way of online services. This includes video consultation training, phone consultation training, an online video course of tricks and fun, and a three week walking and leash training mini-class.

A blog and several videos are also available, and if you have any questions about the popularity and customer satisfaction with the services offered, the website has a seemingly endless number of reviews glowing with praise.

10. Denise Frenzi Dog Training Blog

Denise Frenzi is a dog-trainer and advocate for furry friends of all sorts. Known for her obedience training in particular, Denise’s dog training website offers advice not only through her blog, but also “self-study classes” with lectures, video material and structured activities that are catered exactly to your needs, so you can train at your own pace for a reasonable fee.

Online classes, webinars, an FDSA training camp, and her books are also available for purchase.

11. Applause Your Paws

The adorable, award-winning “Applause Your Paws” dog training website is based in Miami, but offers a lot of valuable advice free to dog lovers all over the world through its frequently updated blog. If you happen to be in the Miami area however, Applause Your Paws offers private lessons, group classes, boarding, training and personal classes that are customized specifically to you and your pup’s needs.

12. Three Dogs Training

Three Dogs Training provides both positive reinforcement dog training classes and in-home training and behavioral consultations from the nationally certified dog trainer, Lisa Edwards. She is also the author of the bestselling book, A Dog Named Boo, and Please Don’t Bite the Baby. While you will need to be in the New York area in order to benefit from the in-person services, Lisa still offers her insight on dog training through her website’s longstanding blog, so you can utilize her expertise, no matter where you live.

13. That Mutt

“Mutt” need not be a derogatory term for dogs – it’s all a matter of how you look at it! That Mutt embraces it as a term of endearment, and the site’s love for dogs is apparent throughout. Addressing common dog and puppy training issues, such as calming dogs around fireworks and thunderstorms or keeping your dog from jumping up at people in excitement, That Mutt also offers quality dog training items through links to its affiliate, Mighty Paw.

14. Discovery Dog Training

This user-friendly blog comes from certified dog trainer and bonafide dog lover, Chelsea Usher. With a blog that offers plenty of practical dog training advice, offerings of group classes, private lessons and “puppy preschool,” you’re sure to find something that suits your dog-training needs. Conveniently, the site also features client reviews, which heap praise upon the services provided.

15. The Cognitive Canine

The Cognitive Canine by Sarah Stremming offers online training with a four-step approach that leads to good canine behavior: exercise, enrichment, nutrition and communication. Take Sarah’s online classes, or catch her anywhere around the world for one of her dog-training seminars. If neither of these options suits your budget, The Cognitive Canine still offers loads of tips through her blog, or frequently updated podcast.

Final Thoughts

While dogs are wonderful companions to have in your life, it’s very important to make sure that you don’t skip over proper training. It will only enhance your life, your dog’s life and the relationship that the two of you enjoy.

It also has an impact on family dogs and how they relate to different members of your household, whether they walk on two legs or four legs. What’s more, dog training is a wonderful bonding experience for you and your pup, which also happens to be loads of fun.

So enjoy it! If you do, so too will your dog, which will make it all worthwhile.

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