The Farmer’s Dog Food Review

Pets are Family: How The Farmer’s Dog Became a Well-Known Brand The Farmer’s Dog got its start when a couple of pet parents decided that their dogs deserved something better than kibble. After all, those burnt-looking nuggets contained some unusual ingredients that probably weren’t the healthiest – and that kibble itself really didn’t seem all […]

Top 15 Dog Training Websites

As everyone knows, dogs have historically been known as “man’s best friend,” and it’s no wonder why. Besides companionship, dogs have provided a multitude of services to humanity since their domestication. Whether it’s hunting, sheep herding, pulling sleds, guarding, providing guidance as service dogs to those with disabilities, or working with law enforcement and military, […]

Hungry Bark Review

Open Hungry Bark Box

Hungry Bark was founded by a dad-dog of two, who wanted to give his pups the best quality food. He was committed to eating better, and wanted his pups too as well! Their “one size does not fit all” motto allows you to tailor the combination of products offered to your pup. As a company, […]

Canna-Pet Review

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As our 6 year old Belgian Shepherd Malinois ages, we are noticing increased daily anxiety levels, increased food sensitivities, and deterioration and pain in his hip and knee joints. Like all other pet parents, we began to worry and decided to take our pup to the veterinarian to get some answers. We found out that […]